We provide a competitive advantage through our ability to complete surveys and mapping in Indonesia.


Geohub Portable Mapping System is a all-in-one portable mobile mapping systems sized to perform high speed data collection for transportation infrastructures asset management railways, roadways, waterways and utilities. Compact, standalone and ready to use, imajbox® can be installed on or inside any vehicle – car, truck, locomotive cab, tramways, quad, boat – without disturbing the driver, and is controlled via Wi-Fi.

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Geohub LiDAR Service supports your operations with a full line of geospatial services. From the acquisition of the photography and LiDAR data, ground control and survey, to the delivery ofthe digital 3D mapping data, orthophotography, terrain models, LiDAR classification, and/or GIS solutions, all of which can be produced in-house.

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Georadar is a highly efficient, nondestructive
engineering process that incorporates civil
engineering,surface geophysics, surveying and mapping, noninvasive to identify and classify quality levels of existing data and maps the locations of subsurface utilities.

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Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors. In order words, bathymetry is the underwater equivalent to hypsometry or topography.

We have been a leader in Bathymetric and Seabed Mapping technology in for over 10 years using the latest (ever changing) up to date technology.

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UAV (Unmanned-Airborne-Vehicles) are interisting alternative carriers for mining, agricultural and many applications. Compared to conventional terrestrial topographic mapping and to standard airborne aerial surveys, UAV are much more flexible and weather intependent. As a result UAV surveys will pave the way for affordable, current and accurate geo-information.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process to inform and communicate project decisions. Parametric design, visualization, simulation and collaboration provide greater efficiency
for all stakeholders across the project life cycle to improve the design, construction and operations of facilities.

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Geohub is the leading provider of high resolution earth imagery. With the most sophisticated commercial satellite constellation in orbit and cloud-based platforms that enable analytics and informatiion extraction at scale. Geohub provides satellite imagery data and DEM data that gives customers the confidence to make critical decisions.

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    Our Vision is to be a leading provider of innovative and practical solutions as an independent consultancy services company in provision of quality geo-information services and allied producs.


    • to promote and enable the use of innovative optimization techniques
    • to provide practical solutions to enhance decision making
    • to ultimately satisfy the quest for sale, profitable and sustainable green solution
    • to offer quality geo-information services and allied technology products using our experienced specialist to the corporate, goverment agencies, private businesses and NGOs for sutainable development and management of resources in an economical way to our clients and profitable